27 December

Unveiling Vascular Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

ascular diseases include a wide variety of conditions that impact the blood vessels, encompassing arteries and veins, throughout the body.
13 December

The Importance of HPV Vaccination in Preventing Cervical Cancer

HPV is a group of viruses that can impact the genital area, and also the mouth and throat. There are hundreds of types of HPV, and a few high-risk types are significantly associated with the development of cervical cancer.
29 November

Breaking the Stigma Surrounding HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a global health challenge, affecting millions of lives globally. While far beyond its impact, the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS has led to additional barriers for those living with the condition.
16 November

Epilepsy: Debunking Myths and Stigmas

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that impacts millions of people globally. Despite its prevalence, epilepsy treatment in Bhubaneswar persists to be encircled by misinformation, myths, and stigmas.
26 October

Cancer Screening Guidelines: All You Should Know

Cancer screening are test that verifies for signs of cancer before you have symptoms. A few tests can help find cancer before signs or symptoms.
12 October

Advances in Anaesthesia: A Route Safe and Comfortable Surgery

Anaesthesia is a vital component concerning modern medicine, enabling intricate surgical procedures to be performed with the least discomfort or pain for patients. Over the years, essential advancements in anaesthesia techniques, drugs, and monitoring tec
05 October

Empowering Cerebral Palsy Awareness: Tips for Advocacy and Support

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a neurological condition that has an impact on muscle control and movement. It’s essential to raise awareness about cerebral palsy treatment in Bhubaneswar to promote inclusivity, understanding, and support for people suffering from
14 September

Diabetes: The Importance of Exercise to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

The impact physical activity has on your blood glucose is likely to vary based on how long you are active and many other factors.
07 September

All You Need to Know Hepatitis

Hepat” means liver and “itis” means swelling. Hence, it’s the swelling of the liver.“Hepat” means liver and “itis” means swelling. Hence, it’s the swelling of the liver. In India, hepatitis A and E are transferred due to infected water or food. Basically,
19 July

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility- Treatment Options

Infertility is a common phenomenon in males and females. Conception is an intricate procedure and there are numerous hurdles.
05 July

Sports Injuries- RICE Protocols and Rehabilitation

RICE treatment is the immediate application of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation to a petite soft tissue injury such as pain.
21 June

The True Significance of Yoga

The unique essence of yoga encircles elevating the life force or “Kundalini” at the spine base.
14 June

COPD- Types, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Over a period of time, COPD drives a condition when you find it difficult to breathe. It’s not possible to reverse lung damage, but certain lifestyle changes and medication changes can help you control the symptoms.
06 June

Indications That You Need a Tonsillectomy Surgery

Tonsillectomy is the surgical elimination of the tonsils, two oval-shaped tissue pads at the back of the throat.
31 May

Laparoscopic Surgery & Recovery- What to Anticipate

Laparoscopy is a type of diagnostic surgical procedure that is often used by the healthcare provider to look inside your abdominal and reproductive organs. The procedure can also help collect tissue samples (biopsies) for testing.
24 May

Heatstroke- Managing the Symptoms

Heatstroke is a condition that occurs due to your body overheating, usually as a cause of long-lasting exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures.
09 May

Dementia vs Alzheimer’s Disease- The Difference

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It worsens with a period of time and affects memory, language, and thought.
28 April

Essential Health Tips for Pediatric Care: A Guide for Parents

Discover essential health tips for pediatric care in Bhubaneswar. Ensure your child\'s well-being with expert advice and guidance.
06 September

The Benefits of Integrated Pharmacy In Multispecialty Clinics

Integrated pharmacy services are a revolutionary solution to conventional pharmacy services that allows easy access to medicines.
01 July

Why Should You Prefer Multispeciality Clinics?

The pandemic has highlighted the need for technological advancement for all-in-one medical facilities under a roof. Multispeciality clinics offer varying health check-up services coupled with several medicinal branches and surgical procedures available.
01 June

Reasons Why Regular Health Check is Good for Health

In the early days, regular health check-up was not necessary, but in today's toxic environment, it has become a necessity. Regular health check-ups include a few tests that vary based on age, gender, family history, and overall wellbeing. People often hes